What Is Trademark Use in Commerce?

In order to qualify to register your client’s trademark at the USPTO, it must be using the trademark in commerce. But, what exactly does “use in commerce” for a trademark mean?

Trademark Use in Commerce

Trademark “use in commerce” is a legal term of art and refers to any use generally that crosses state lines. In short, it is any commerce that is regulated by Congress. Remember the commerce clause from first year constitutional law? That’s the clause of the constitution that gives the USPTO its powers. If your client is doing business in more than one state or between the United States and a foreign country, then it likely has met the requirements for “use in commerce.” Merely having an internet presence may not be enough to meet the requirements of “use in commerce” unless your client is also selling to clients in more than one state. Often these factual issues will come out in litigation, so you want to be sure that you are setting your client up for success, both in terms of securing a trademark registration and one that can be enforced both at the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board and in the Federal Courts.

Use in Commerce and Date of First Use

There is a close relationship between use in commerce and the date of first use, especially when filing a trademark application. Make sure you understand how to properly counsel your client with respect to these two critically important concepts. For instance, a regional client may have started selling in their local area some months before they have use in commerce and as a result the date of first use for purposes of their Federal Trademark Application may differ from the date they first started using the mark and selling their product locally.

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