Whether you are a newly barred U.S. attorney, an experienced attorney adding trademarks to your practice, or an attorney practicing outside the U.S., Trademarkabilities® has a course to help you navigate the USPTO. Our comprehensive, practical courses will help you confidently and effectively work with your clients and grow your bottom line.

Trademarkabilities® now has a course for every budget and every type of attorney or paraprofessional interested in trademark law! 

Our mission remains the same – to demystify the trademark process, allowing you to better serve your clients and grow your bottom line. 

By taking one of our courses you will:
  1. Gain confidence to represent clients at the USPTO;
  2. Elevate your trademark knowledge;
  3. Learn useful tools, practical tips and strategies to save you and your clients time and money!
USPTO New Trademark Search System
This webinar, specifically for U.S. trademark practitioners, will take you through how to use the USPTO's new trademark search system that came into effect on November 30, 2023 and how to convert common searches from TESS to the new search platform. Includes helpful resources and guides.

Price: $89

Trademarkabilities Masterclass

The Trademarkabilities® Masterclass has been updated for the USPTO's new trademark search system! It is a comprehensive substantive course that will expose you to the entire trademark prosecution process from client intake, to trademark searching, to navigating the entire trademark application process, dealing with Office Actions, foreign expansion, and maintaining and renewing trademarks after registration. Our comprehensive approach is grounded in the trademark rules of practice and provides strategies, tips, and real-world techniques, coupled with our client communication and substantive templates to give you confidence in setting up your trademark practice.

Price: $2745

Overcoming OA Refusals

This course is for attorneys who already have trademark application filing experience, but who are now encountering refusals of registration and want to improve their trademark application approval rate and need help overcoming the most difficult types of refusals. We review the most common types of USPTO Office Actions, our strategies and tips for how best to address and prevent them, and show you real-world examples to help you understand each type of refusal. Our focus is to provide you with the strategies and options you can offer your client when facing these refusals and overcome them with ease. The most valuable part of the course is our Office Action response templates you can use and adapt to your fact situation.

 Price: $995

Trademark Searching | Clearance
TM Searching & Clearance

Searching and clearing marks is an artform and it takes practice to master the process. It's important that attorneys know how to properly search to help prevent costly Office Actions and assist their clients building distinctive brands. In this course, you'll learn how to effectively conduct searches at the USPTO utilizing the TESS database to conduct word and design mark searches. In addition, we will show you how to properly conduct a full availability search; what it is (and isn't), and show you how to review a full search from an outside vendor. We will show you how to analyze the full search and most importantly, how to write a trademark opinion letter, including how to develop a risk assessment scale.

Price: $595

Struggling with Specimens Course
Struggling with Specimens

This course is designed to complement the Masterclass* by providing a deeper dive into specimen refusals that accompany applications and statements of use (including declarations of use filed during the post registration process) and teach you how best to handle and prevent them. In this course, we address several real-world examples and consider special situations in various categories of goods and services. Plus, we will show you how to research an appropriate specimen when you may not have experience with a client’s particular industry. After taking the course, you won’t struggle with specimens again and you’ll improve your application approval rate.

 Price: $295

Is Trademark Law Right for Me?
If you’re new to trademark law or wondering if trademark law might be right for your practice, you’re in the right place. If you’re curious whether Trademarkabilities can help you or if we are the right fit for you, I invite you to spend 90 minutes with me to see if my teaching style and our approach is the right fit for you. We'll teach you some substantive trademark basics and talk about how trademarks are a growing area and how you can sell trademarks to your clients. Trademark law requires one bar, it’s ideally suited to a virtual practice, and nearly all businesses (especially if they operate online) will require at least one trademark. As a trademark lawyer you can represent clients nationwide at the USPTO, plus the work is diverse and fun!

Price: $14

5 Tips for Trademark Success at the USPTO

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