Whether you are a newly barred U.S. attorney, an experienced attorney adding trademarks to your practice, or an attorney practicing outside the U.S., Trademarkabilities® has a course to help you navigate the USPTO. Our comprehensive, practical courses will help you confidently and effectively work with your clients and grow your bottom line.

Trademarkabilities® now has a course for every budget and every type of attorney or paraprofessional interested in trademark law! 

Our mission remains the same – to demystify the trademark process, allowing you to better serve your clients and grow your bottom line. 

By taking one of our courses you will:
  1. Gain confidence to represent clients at the USPTO;
  2. Elevate your trademark knowledge;
  3. Learn useful tools, practical tips and strategies to save you and your clients time and money!
Intro to Filing TM Applications

Our introductory course will provide an overview of the trademark application process at the USPTO and teach you 5 basic steps to give you a head start in filing trademark applications for your clients. You'll learn (i) what a trademark is, (ii) why trademarks are a growing practice area; and (iii) together we'll review a real life client assignment to help you learn how to file a trademark application!

 Price $199

Trademarkabilities Masterclass

The Trademarkabilities® Masterclass has been updated for 2022! It is a comprehensive substantive course that will expose you to the entire trademark prosecution process from client intake, to how to conduct a trademark search, navigating the entire trademark application process, dealing with Office Actions, foreign expansion, and maintaining and renewing trademarks for your clients after registration. Our approach provides real world techniques that give you confidence.

Price $2495
Non-U.S. Attorney Masterclass

This course is a comprehensive training program designed to teach non-U.S. attorneys the practical tips
and strategies to be effective advisors. We'll cover: (i) how the U.S. trademark system works; (ii) possible filing bases for foreign
applications; (iii) how to handle office actions; (iv) an overview of TTAB actions; (v) renewal & maintenance best practices, (vi) working with U.S. counsel, and (vii) an overview of the new Trademark
Modernization Act.

 Price USD $249

5 Tips for Trademark Success at the USPTO

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